Clerical Error Does Not Equal Fraud

It looks like Republican Party efforts to prevent people from voting were dealt a serious blow with news that four of six of the member of the state’€™s Government Accountability Board failed when their names were process through a new voter identification test.

Why is this news? Because the Republican Party has been trying to get GAB to put in place additional barriers to Wisconsinites having their vote counted.

Under the Help America Vote Act, each state is required to build a statewide voter database and check names and addresses on it using other state lists. Under an RPW plan, if your registration didn’€™t match exactly the name and address, you would be forced to cast a provisional ballot, which means you fill out your ballot and then you have to come within a time period after the election and reconfirm you information, or else your vote isn’€™t counted.

This, the RPW thunders, creates the potential for some kind of voter fraud ‘€“ fraud that would involve a conspiracy where people with nearly identical names who conspirators already knew were going to vote one way, would be replaced the substitute voter with nearly identical name, who would vote the other way.

Yeah. Right.

Clerical errors are not fraud. Check the dictionary.

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