College Republicans Not the Only Allies of Gov. Walker Saying “Yes to the Dress”

Foundation Run by Walker Campaign Co-Chair's Donates to University With Mandatory Skirt or Dress Policy for Women

MADISON, Wis. — College Republicans have produced a series of bizarre ads ostensibly intended to help embattled GOP governors, reportedly including Scott Walker in Wisconsin, appeal to women voters. The ads, based on the TV program “Say Yes to the Dress,” equate casting a vote for governor with picking out a dress. According to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, College Republicans aren’t the only allies of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with sexist opinions about women and their dress.

He commented, “The College Republicans’ ads at least imply women have a choice in whether or not to say yes. In contrast, Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair has doled out donations to a radical right wing college that requires its female employees wear dresses or skirts.”

A review of annual reports from the Bradley Foundation, run by Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair, shows it doled out $80,000 to Ave Maria University in Florida. The school is the creation of right-wing pizza magnate Tom Monaghan and, as reported in 2010, bars women from wearing pants instead requiring they wear skirts or dresses while on the job.

Ross noted that the bizarre ad campaign is just the latest in a series of patronizing and insulting actions toward women taken by Gov. Walker and his close allies. While seeking women’s votes on the campaign trail, Walker has as Governor signed laws to repeal a law to help enforce pay equity and multiple measures that limit women’s choices on their own healthcare.

In addition, major Walker backer the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce was embroiled in controversy this week regarding a fundraising solicitation it made attacking supporters of equal pay.

“This might all be laughable if the issues at stake weren’t so serious. From gutting enforcement of equal pay laws in the workplace to taking away women’s decisions on their own healthcare, Gov. Walker and those who support him have time and again told women ‘no’ to equal treatment,” concluded Ross.

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