Confirmed: Scott Walker’s $3 Billion Foxconn Subsidy Is Largest to a Foreign Company in American History

‘Every Member of the State Legislature Can Explain This to Their Constituents’

‘…the best available source indicates the $3 billion would be the largest ever subsidy provided by a state to a foreign company.’— PolitiFact, 8/15/2017

MADISON, Wis. — The fact-checking outlet for Wisconsin’s largest newspaper has confirmed One Wisconsin Now’s figures that Gov. Scott Walker’s $3 billion subsidy for Foxconn would be the largest award by a state to a foreign company in American history.

“Every member of the state legislature can explain to their constituents why they want $3 billion to go to the company of a foreign billionaire to be located along the Illinois border and with no guarantee jobs will go to Wisconsin workers,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now.

Just last week, the fact-checkers also confirmed One Wisconsin Now’s numbers that the Foxconn scheme will generate $181 million yearly in tax revenue at a cost of $250 million in tax revenue yearly.

See the article in PolitiFact.

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