Conservative prof: Walker’s tax cuts would abandon fiscal responsibility

Hey, wouldya know: the minute a newspaper publishes a story with insight from someone other than conservative tax policy spokesperson Todd Berry, Scott Walker’s plan to cut taxes just for the richest 1 percent and big corporations doesn’t seem so appealing.

From John Witte, professor of public affairs and political science at the UW-Madison, and self-described conservative, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

Walker has promoted his plan as “simple and comprehensive” and said it mirrors what former Gov. Tommy Thompson did in the late 1980s to create 258,000 jobs coming out of an economic downturn.

Evidence linking job creation to tax cuts is not sound, Witte said.

“You can argue ‘I’m going to cut taxes and that’s a good thing,’ but to link it to a specific job number, that’s going to be very hard,” he said. “I don’t see how he can cut taxes unless he’s going to give up on fiscal responsibility.”

The fact is: Scott Walker’s “simple and comprehensive” plan is nothing more than a children’s book that literally makes a joke out of the fact that he doesn’t have a plan, other than to make $4 billion worth of tax cuts and shifts that would benefit the rich and big corporations.

As the saying goes: “Millionaires and billionaires should be giving to charity, not getting it.”

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