Corporate Pals at WMC Drop Another $440,000 to Prop Up Gov. Walker’s Plummeting Poll Numbers

More Than $800,000 Spent Well Over a Year Before Walker to Face Voters

MADISON, Wis. — The big business special interest lobby at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has now bought over $800,000 in deceptive television advertisements to boost the sagging poll numbers of Gov. Scott Walker. After dropping $380,000 two weeks ago, WMC has upped its spending another $440,000 as part of a statewide television campaign for the next two weeks, according to figures obtained by One Wisconsin Now.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said, “Gov. Walker’s failures, extremism, scandals and jet-setting have flatlined his poll numbers, and the corporate bosses at WMC hit the panic button and dumped over $800,000 on television ads more than a year before he’ll face the voters, and most notably, before he even has an opponent. Whether it’s tearing the state apart, turning women into second-class citizens or breaking the central promise to create jobs that he made to Wisconsin, Gov. Walker is learning that you can’t treat the people who elected you as an afterthought and expect them to re-hire you.”

WMC’s latest television buy spends heavily in all of the major media markets in Wisconsin, including broadcast and cable, and shows deep concern by the Governor’s allies about his chances in the coming 2014 gubernatorial election.=

Gov. Walker’s unpopularity with voters comes from the divisive and extremist Tea Party agenda he has pursued as governor. He has failed to deliver on his signature campaign promise to create jobs in the state of Wisconsin, made the largest cuts to public education in state history while supporting unaccountable private schools with tax dollars, is cutting nearly 100,000 from the BadgerCare health coverage, and systematically attacking the rights of workers, women and voters.

A recent media report also showed that Gov. Walker spent a fortune in tax dollars flying himself and his staff around the state, including an unconscionable 44 flights between Madison and Milwaukee County alone. In pursuit of an expected presidential bid in 2016, Gov. Walker has been an absentee governor, criss-crossing the country raising money from billionaires and millionaires, while Wisconsinites continue to suffer from the failure of his Tea Party policies.

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