Corporate WISTAX Predictably Offers Propaganda for Coming Walker Regressive Tax Cut Scheme

Report Ignores Context for Largest Education Cuts in Wisconsin History

MADISON, Wis. — As Republican Gov. Scott Walker prepares to put Wisconsin’s children and public schools further in the hole by shifting resources to a planned tax cuts to benefit the rich and corporations, the corporate Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance has sent out a new round of propaganda to help Walker make his case.

“Predictably, as Scott Walker begins making the case to hand out huge tax breaks to the rich and corporations, the corporate front group WISTAX tosses out propaganda to support his case,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “As our WISTAX Watch showed, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is even more Republican than Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce, so this is hardly a surprise and their ‘findings’ should be taken with a grain of salt as big as Scott Walker’s campaign finance report.”

One Wisconsin Now’s, launched in 2010, showed that past and present board members of WISTAX were hand in glove with the rest of Wisconsin’s conservative, pro-corporate infrastructure. Over 92 percent of the $1.4 million in campaign donations by WISTAX board members went to Republicans. For a comparison, the board donations of pro-Republican Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, gave 80 percent to Republicans.

“The corporate WISTAX has always been the clean up hitter in the rightwing propaganda lineup,” said Ross. “While WISTAX isn’t doing voter suppression like the rest of the right wing network under the thumb of Walker co-chair and ‘Money Badger’ Bradley Foundation sugar daddy Michael Grebe, providing cover for the Walker Administration’s suppression of public education to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations is no better.”

One Wisconsin Now’s also includes detailed analysis and annotations showing the conservative bias in WISTAX research in the areas of public education, corporate taxes and individual taxes and fees.

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