Could Belling Be More of a Pig?

The answer sadly appears to be, depends.

Whether Mark Belling will say something stupid or offensive or both appears to be a question in the same vein as, “Well, is it a day of the week that has vowels in it?”

This one is a doozy, even for him

On his show Wednesday, Belling was fired up against legislation to protect moms who nurse their children.

“It’s a crude practice,” Belling roared to his listeners.

Then he called moms who breastfeed their children “sows.

He thought it was funny, too. Dan Cody pulled the audio and you can listen to here:

Let’s not forget, it was Belling who was criticized but allowed to continue broadcasting after previously using a hateful slur against Latinos,

Props to Dan to making sure this issue is heard. Belling is a menance. 

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