CRG Cries about Media Coverage During Media Coverage

Everyone in Wisconsin knew the Citizens for “Republican” Government’s recall of Gov. Doyle effort was going no where.

But it was a nice ruse:

Announce the recall, knowing CRG’s recall squealing is crack to the Milwaukee media and other conservative-inclined outlets.Get your talking points our criticizing the governor through dribbling press releases about the “progress” of your effort.

And finally, hop on the blame-others-first bus, in this instance, CRG yapper Chris Kliesmet, sobbing that it’€™s the media’€™s coverage that denuded their anti-democratic efforts.

It’s no secret the 40-year GOP strategy to cow the media by claiming a liberal bias has been hugely successful. Well, that and the consolidation of all major media into six ginormous corporate conglomerate, are the reason no prominent liberal voice has a political talk show on television (save for a couple on MSNBC) and the editorial pages of our newspapers are a sopping delivery room of right-wing think tank afterbirth.

So for Kleismet, who rarely issues a press release that doesn’€™t wind up in the media to claim a liberal bias, has about as much credibility as Sean Hannity claiming to be ‘€œfair and balanced’€ (and sane).

It just ain’€™t so.

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