Cry Me A River, Rove reported that the as-yet-unfrogmarched Karl Rove, apologized to Wisconsin’s delegates at a Republican National Convention event this morning for “getting weepy.”

He wasn’t crying to atone to God and man for being the hack architect for this god awful endless war in Iraq that has caused so many deaths and so much misery. And it wasn’t because he violated the law by compromising the security of an undercover CIA agent to punish her husband. And it wasn’t for debasing our national discourse with his slash-and-burn character assassination brand of politics.

Nope, apparently he sobbed talking about wistfully recalling his most memorable day in the White House.

Wispo didn’t include what that was, but I’m sure it was something about 9/11 or some other gag-inducing, back-handed boast about his patriotism.

As long as Rove remains unindicted, it’s hard to have faith in our liberal justice system.

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