Davis’s Home Town Paper Calls for Health Care Action

Citing this week’s comprehensive FamiliesUSA report showing five uninsured adults between ages 25 and 64 die each week due to no health care insurance, The Monroe Times editorialized on the importance the state legislature act on real health care reform.

The Times, the home town newspaper of Rep. Brett Davis an opponent of the $2 billion health care cost saving-universal Healthy Wisconsin proposal, is right on that is far past time the legislature act.

Healthy Wisconsin would ensure all of Wisconsin have access to the same generous health care plan state legislators, like Davis, have availble to them.

Let’s not forget — we pay for legislators (including those fighting against us getting their same coverage) to have this comprehensive health care. A state legislator can get full coverage and never worry about health care costs for their entire family for as little as $2 a day. 



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