Dick Leinencuckoo: I’m a Cuckoo Tea Partier!

First Dick Leinencuckoo entered politics 18 months ago by asking Democratic Governor Jim Doyle for a job as Commerce Secretary, saying that he was a “strong supporter” of Doyle and was “non-political.”

Then Leinencuckoo said he was running for U.S. Senate, as a Republican and was accused yesterday of being a a RINO (Republican In Name Only). So he told Wispolitics.org that he is not only a conservative Republican, but agrees with the cuckoos of the Tea Party!

Amazing: In just 18 months Leinencuckoo has gone from a member of a progressive Democratic governor’s administration to the cuckoos of the Tea Party.

This is a huge change, Dick! You’ve got a lot to learn in a very short period of time, so for your conveniance, I have put together some of the talking points of your new Party:

First of all, Obama is not the President of the United States elected by the largest majority in 20 years, he is, according to the Tea Party Chair, Mark Williams, a “domestic insurgent,” and a “Indosesian Muslim turned welfare thug.” And the only reason he got elected is because he’s Black! In fact, the same “political correctness that is responsible for 9/11 is responsible for Barack Obama.” Also, according to the Chair, Obama is, not only a “socialist” and a “commie” but is comparable to genocidal maniac Pol Pot.

Also, the Chair also likes to call people “faggots” and “retards” so you might to drop in a few of those at the next Party.

You also will need to read up on all the “birther” information you can get your hands on, as the Chair told the Boston Globe recently “…he claims public documents raise the possibility that Obama is both foreign-born and Muslim.” And Tea Party Spokesman Lloyd Marcus says, I have heard criticism of the folks pursuing the issue of Obamas eligibility to even be president, him not producing a birth certificate and etc. Critics say, Its a lost cause and a waste of time. Well quite frankly, I have little respect for folks who give up simply because others disapprove or dont get it. People called Dr Robert Schuller crazy when he said he wanted to build a glass building in earthquake country. Today, the Crystal Cathedral is one of the wonders of the world. To the folks passionate about this issue, I say, go for it!

Tea Party Spokesman Lloyd Marcus has also said that America needs to stand up to
dead beats who think they are entitled due to their skin color.”

And you also must simply deny that any part of all this racist. As Tea Party Spokesman
Lloyd Marcus says, they are “just calling us racist because we disagree.” In fact, when U.S. Representative John Lewis (the civil rights activist that was nearly beaten to death during the Selma march) said that he had been called a “ni##er” and other racial epitaphs by Tea Party protesters, Marcus said he was making it up and called him a “lying scumbag.”

Oh, and Obama refuses to wear a flag pin.

Well, that’s really about it… good look in your new Party, Dick!

# # #

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