Did Sen. Randy Hopper vote illegally?

Here’s why I ask:

In March, news broke that Randy Hopper’s (ex-)wife accused him of cheating on her with a mistress and revealed that he was no longer living in his Fond du Lac home.

WKOTV interviewed Hopper about it, and he said that he was indeed living in an apartment and not at home. The apartment owner also confirmed this. Elsewhere, Hopper’s chief of staff Rebecca Hogan confirmed in March that Hopper and his (ex-)wife “separated roughly a year ago.”

So everyone agrees: by March of 2011, and for a year at most, Randy Hopper was not living in his Fond du Lac home with his (ex-)wife.

But according to the Voter Public Access, Hopper was still registered to vote at that address, and indeed voted, in April – a full month after the stories broke about him not living at that address.

This all leads me to wonder: Did Randy Hopper vote using an address at which he was not registered? And if so, how many times?

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