Discredited Polling Firm’s Madison “Office”…er Post Office Box Expires This Week

National polling devotees have been following an exploding scandal with the Atlanta (well, Georgia)-based Strategic Vision, a firm who’s “research” consistently pops up at opportune times for Republicans, offering encouraging polling numbers for Republicans clawing against the falling sand of a collapsing Republican oligarchy.

First, they were smacked down by the American Association of Public Opinion Research for polls in Wisconsin, because of its refusal to disclose who was paying for polls or its methods.The universally-respected Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight.com has taken the ball further, questioning the data and results and making a compelling case about the credibility of allegations SV was creating junk polls to help conservatives. Numerous posts are available here.

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel weighed in with a piece about the alleged “Madison” office of Strategic Vision.

As it turns out, the “Madison” office, listed on the website as 1360 Regent Street, Suite 152, Madison, WI 53715, is a post office box at at a UPS Store on Regent Street in Madison.

In addition, both the phone number and fax number for the “Madison” office is disconnected.

Inspired, I visited the store myself and asked if the box listed on Strategic Vision’s website as its “suite” was available. I was informed the box will be available on Friday, as it has not been renewed.

The “Madison” office appears to be as sketchy as its polling numbers.

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