Dr. No Won’t Say No

Did you hear the “news”? Tommy Thompson might run (possibly) for something (again) (maybe)’€¦ EXCITING’€¦ (SORT OF!)’€¦

POLITICO reported last week that Tommy Thompson—who earned the nickname Dr. No for his “relentless partisanship” as a Wisconsin state rep—isn’t “saying no” to running for the Senate (or Governorship) in Wisconsin.

Cory at Eye on Wisconsin and Xoff at UppityWis already rolled their eyes (again) at Thompson’s recurring “threat” to run for something (again).  I share their enthusiasm though at learning how many dollars and from whom Thompson has been pocketing after leaving the Bush Administration for a good ol’ fashioned American job in the corporate lobbying sector.

As we all wait with baited breath, I guess I could point out that someone has been lining his pockets with enough of the green stuff to afford him three separate residences. Two in Wisconsin, one in the Washington, DC-area:

609 Academy St. Elroy, WI
1313 Manassas Trail, Madison, WI
264 Medlock Ln., Alexandria, VA

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