Drafting Records Show Welfare Bills Were ‘Ultrarush’ Job As Special Election Went South for Scott Walker Republicans

Scott Walker Blows Racist Dog Whistle Attacks for GOP ‘Wake Up Call’

MADISON, Wis. — The state legislature today is holding a public hearing on the hastily drafted bills that are the subject of a politically motivated special session called by Gov. Scott Walker.

The following are the comments of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“Gov. Scott Walker and his enablers in the state legislature believe that racist, dog-whistle attacks on poor people play well with their political base.

“Records show that as panic was setting in on the eve of an historic electoral loss in a state Senate race, the Walker administration was scrambling to have bills ready to go for a politically motivated special session they intended to call.

“In fact, new provisions like requiring people in public housing to take a drug test were being added in the afternoon the day before the bills were unveiled in Gov. Walker’s taxpayer funded fly around tour of the state.

“Gov. Walker will do or say anything to try to win an election. This special session is the latest example of what he is willing to do and who he is willing to demonize to keep his backside in the government hammock in which it has resided for a quarter of a century.”

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