Easy For Walker to Oppose Health Insurance Reform When We’ve Paid for He and His Family’s for 17 Years

Here’s the Brown Bagger has to say today:


‘€œI don’€™t want bureaucrats in Washington or Madison picking my family’€™s doctor or healthcare plan. The best way to make healthcare more affordable is through patient centered solutions and not government mandates, and I encourage everyone to contact their Congressmen and Senators and say no to this bill. As governor, I’€™d continue to fight against the Washington takeover of our healthcare system.’€

Seriously, Walker. Unless you have suddenly not been taking the government health care plan you’ve enjoyed as a member of the state Assembly and County Executive’s office since 1993, every doctor’s appointment, every hospital visit, every prescription drug, every x-ray, every pap smear, every preventative test of you and your wife for the past0 17 years has in part been paid for by the “gubmint”…er, us.

And unless I’m mistaken about the ages of your kids, every single of all of the above, has always, every moment of every day of their lives been paid for by us.

Take a stand. Drop your health care. Enter the private market and see what you can get and what it costs. Have the health insurance cabal screen every private health care test you and your wife have had, as well as both of your kids. My guess is you’ll run back to the “guvmint” plan and beg to get bag on our dime.

So if you don’t mind, let the adults decide how to talk about real solutions, since you can even run the cleaning of friggin’ toilets correctly.

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