Economic rubber stamp for George W. Bush endorses Scott Walker

Republican Mark Green endorsed Republican Scott Walker yesterday. Big deal. What is a big deal though is how fiscally irresponsible both of these so-called fiscal conservatives are. 

“In a prepared statement, Green said that ‘Scott Walker’s common sense and commitment to fiscal discipline are exactly what Madison needs to get our state back on track and our economy growing again.’”

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Funny Green should mention Walker’s “fiscal discipline.” He voted for the two major George W. Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. You know the ones: the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Act of 2001 and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Act of 2003.

How’s all that growth and jobs and relief workin’ for ya?

Scott Walker, as you know, has a plan for Wisconsin as equally budget busting that will only further erode the middle class. If you haven’t heard, tax breaks to the rich and big business is Scott Walker’s solution to the economic problems that were caused by giving tax breaks to the rich and big business by George W, Bush and his Republicans rubber stamps, like Mark Green.


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