Economic-top 1% own 70% of wealth THX RIGHT WING!

Did you get a HUGE bonus this year? Or are you maybe one of the 218 new BILLIONAIRES?!?! Are you OPTIMISTIC about your financial future? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you’€™re one of the economic-top 1%. And congratulations, you and your friends OWN 70 PERCENT of all financial assets in the U.S! HUZZAH! Now, do the right thing and thank those who made it possible… EVERYONE ON THE RIGHT!Start off by thanking yourselves (as you’€™re wont to do).
It has been through your own relentless pursuit of profit, over the well-being of this nation’€™s people, and the investments you have made, be it foundational support for pro-corporate think tanks or directly funding conservative political campaigns, that you have been able to secure your own financial best-interests. Without the handiwork you richest Americans, none of this would be possible.

Thank think tanks too
You owe much of your success to the foundational support and investment you give to think tanks, like the Tax Foundation and the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, that generate upper-class tax policy talking points under the guise of unbiased research. You’€™ve especially got to hand it to Todd Berry and the crew at the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance for continuing to dupe the media into thinking they’€™re just a ‘€œnon-ideological’€ tax policy research outfit despite nearly every liberal group and left-leaning official denouncing their research as nothing more than fodder for big business lobbyists and pro-corporate political candidates.

Thank corporate mouthpieces
The support you give corporate lobbyists and big business-interest advocates ‘€“ like those at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and Americans for Prosperity ‘€“ has paid off immensely for you. AFP has been especially great using the talking points generated by the Tax Foundation and WISTAX to convince middle-class folks (i.e. the other 99%) that they’€™re in a ‘€œTAX HELL!’€ Even when President Obama cut taxes for 99% of working families in Wisconsin, AFP was able to get the Tea Party to call him a SOCIALIST! Opposition to Obama as well as left-leaning legislative policies in the Wisconsin legislature ‘€“ how dare they close the ‘€œLas Vegas Loophole‘€ ‘€“ is a good thing to the top 1% and you should thank WMC and AFP.

Thank conservative candidates and electeds
Conservative candidates and elected officials like Scott Walker depend on WMC and AFP to provide big business backing and issue platforms from which to conduct pro-corporate campaigns and propose anti-worker policies. Scott Walker, that anti-middle class hero from Milwaukee County, wants to pretty much do anything he can to put more money into the hands you wealthy elite and the corporations you run. To the tune of $2 billion in fact. (And here’€™s a guy who will undo that pesky ‘€œLas Vegas Loophole’€ for ya.) And don’€™t think your investments don’€™t pay off. Just look what Supreme Court Justices Mike Gableman and Annette Ziegler have done for big business after big business bought their seats on the court. HUZZAH!

But most of all, thank yourselves (again)

However optimistic you are though, you mustn’€™t end the fight for lower taxes for yourselves. Everyone on the left is fighting tirelessly to end corporate personhood, unfair unregulated markets, and to end the inhumane deepening disparity in wealth distribution.

But for your success to continue, the hard-working folks the left fights for needs to believe you need MORE tax cuts, or else you can’€™t create jobs for them (because they can’€™t create jobs them for themselves, right?). They needs to believe your profits will trickle down (like they didn’€™t when George W. Bush passed his tax cuts for the rich and plunged the rest of America into the largest economic recession since the Great one).

And it is only through the investments you make in the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and Scott Walker ‘€“ and the return investments they make in you ‘€“ will the middle-class continue to let the economic top 1% continue to hold on to 70% of this nation’€™s wealth.

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