Ed Thompson to take Wealthcare pledge

Ed Thompson announced today that he’€™d be singing Grover Norquist’€™s ‘€œTaxpayer Protection Pledge.’€ In his latest press release, Thompson raises the roof for Norquist and his group, Americans for Tax Reform, for championing a belief in anti-working class tax policies. Score another one for the fat cats.We’€™ve written about disciples of Norquist’€™s no new taxes schemes before.

Scot wrote about it back in 2008:

Despite his long fealty to an annoying no new taxes pledge, Sheldon Wasserman discovered the hard truth that Grover Norquist’€™s Americans for Tax Reform is nothing but a shill group for Republicans.

Y’€™know, Republicans like convicted crook Jack Abramoff and moral sleazebags like Ralph Reed, and well, Norquist himself ‘€“ all long associated with ATR.

And as yours truly wrote 2009:

So Grover Norquist’€”who’€™s regularly full of bad ideas (see: Reagan Day)’€”had a brain fart a few years back from which came the Taxpayer Protection Caucus. But here’€™s the real kicker: heading up the Wisconsin caucus this year is the one and only Randy Hopper, who once and only once paid state income taxes over the course of ten years.

The pro-corporate Tax Foundation (an arm of the anti-anything-good-for-the-working-class Americans for Prosperity) never misses an opportunity to prop pro-corporate policies like the flat tax, and the Institute for Wisconsin’€™s Future and the Center on Budget Policy and Priorities often take a hammer to such suggestions as being, well, pro-corporate and disastrous for the working class.

But we already know conservatives ‘€“ like Thompson ‘€“ love the idea of such policies because they would be great for the multi-millionaires and corporate CEOs they love to serve. And at a time when, according to the IRS, ‘€œthe average income reported by the 400 highest-earning U.S. households grew to almost $345 million in 2007, up 31 percent from a year earlier.’€ (via BusinessWeek.)

In any case, I’€™m sure Thompson’€™s Wealthcare pledge will put a smile on his financially thriving big brother Tommy’€™s face.

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