Exactly Who is Terry Moulton Working for?

After repeated problems involving door-to-door sales crews in Wisconsin, legislation was proposed in the state legislature that would regulate the practice. That legislation was almost singlehandedly blocked by the Eau Claire state Rep. Terry Moulton who chaired the committee responsible for taking up the measure.

Blocking such common sense legislation is bad enough, but doing so with questionable motives makes the act much worse. The Associated Press confirmed this week that Rep. Moulton received $1,000 in June from three executives of Southwestern Company, a company that hires such door-to-door sales crews. The Tennessee based company was the only one registered against the legislation. Moulton received the campaign cash after he succeeded in blocking the measure in his committee.

Moulton claims that he ‘€œworked my butt off’€ on a compromise on the proposed legislation. Unfortunately the bills original author added that Moulton certainly did work hard but it was mostly for the executives at Southwestern not for the best interests of his constituents.

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