Fact Free Farrow Perfect Palin Puppet

How comical is that the Wisconsin representative to the so-called ‘€œPalin Truth Squad’€ is Margaret Farrow?

The ‘€œSquad’€ presumably will criticize anyone who brings up Sarah Palin’€™s ethics scandal, truth bending, right-wing extremism and revisionist history. Or those who point out that Palin refuses to talk to reporters and won’€™t answer questions.

This is a perfect assignment for Farrow, never known to let facts get in the way of her partisan agenda. After all, this former understudy to the gubernatorial juggernaut of Scott McCallum, is the same conservative ideologue who sent out false statements about former Supreme Court candidate Louis Butler.

Earlier this year, Farrow sent out a fundraising letter in support of the under-investigation Mike Gableman, which included the following line about an offender named Richard Brown:

‘€œLouis Butler provided the deciding vote to overturn a sexual predator decision by a circuit court, resulting in the release of the predator into Milwaukee County (State v. Brown).’€

As Cory Liebmann correctly pointed out in the tOWN hALL: ‘€œThe fact is: Richard Brown was not ‘€˜released’€™ into Milwaukee County after the decision. Brown has remained incarcerated and is at the Sand Ridge facility in Juneau County for sexual offenders, in full state custody and is absolutely not on the street ‘€“ the opposite of what Gableman’s campaign claims. Michael Gableman only had to look at the sex offender website to discover this fact. Again, Brown was never released into Milwaukee County.’€

So she lied. Simple as that. She never apologized to Justice Butler and she never apologized to the people of Wisconsin.

Looks like the ‘€œPalin Truth Squad’€ will have as much credibility as McCain the Reformer and his 29 Big Oil lobbyists working for him.

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