Facts Are Facts. Gov. Walker’s Agenda an Abysmal Failure for Wisconsin

Instead of Owning Up to His Failure, Walker Turns to Special Interests in Desperate Big Money Effort to Re-Write History

MADISON, Wis. — As Gov. Scott Walker and the right wing noise machine shift into overdrive in their efforts to boost sagging opinion of his job performance, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted that, try as they might, the fact remains on issue after issue, the Walker administration has been an abysmal failure.

Ross commented, “Instead of owning up to the fact that his radical, ‘divide and conquer’ agenda has failed and changing course, Gov. Walker is turning to the special interests he serves to try to re-write history.”

The state big business lobby recently bought nearly $1 million in TV ads in every major Wisconsin media market to boost Walker’s failing fortunes. In the ads, statistics produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia are used to try to burnish Walker’s image. However, bank officials released a public statement rapping Walker and the special interest group for misusing their information.

One Wisconsin Now commemorated the twenty years Scott Walker has spent as a full-time politician in June by highlighting a different episode of failure in Gov. Walker’s every day for twenty days. Among the lengthy list of the issues on which Gov. Walker and his agenda have failed are:

Jobs: Despite having his economic wish list passed by the lapdog Republican legislature, a Moody’s State Job Growth Ranking found Wisconsin among the worst in the nation, 45th out of 50 states, in projected job growth;

Education: Gov. Walker enacted the largest cuts to public education in state history, slashing funding for K-12 public schools, technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System. Meanwhile, he has larded the wealthy and corporations with over $2.3 billion in tax breaks and poured more money into the unaccountable private school voucher program;

Health Care: Under Gov. Walker Wisconsin has the ignominious ranking of number one in the nation for kicking people off their health care and thousands of women have lost access to critical health care services as a direct result of Walker’s budget polices;

Ethics: A secret John Doe investigation resulted in close aides and associates of Gov. Walker pleading guilty to serious crimes like money laundering, embezzlement and campaigning on public time and his administration is now under scrutiny for trying to funnel potentially millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to a politically connected front group that endorsed him in his recall election.

“Either Gov. Walker has spent so much time focused on his quest for national office that he hasn’t noticed the mess he’s made of the state of Wisconsin or he’s decided to go all in on enriching the millionaires, billionaires and special interests that fund his political ambitions. Whatever the answer, the fact is that his agenda has produced unprecedented political division and abysmal results for the middle class and working families of Wisconsin,” concluded Ross.

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