Failure of Election Commission to Act Doesn’t Make Lowell Holtz’s Proposed Election Bribe Any Less Sleazy

‘If This Isn’t Already Illegal, It Ought To Be’

MADISON, Wis. — The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross regarding correspondence from the Wisconsin Election Commission that they will not act to hold Lowell Holtz accountable for discussing a possible election bribe in his campaign for state Superintendent of Public Instruction:

“The inaction by the Wisconsin Elections Commission points to shortcomings in the law, not the lack of sleaze in the conduct of Lowell Holtz when he sat down and discussed an election bribe.

“Let’s be clear about what Mr. Holtz was negotiating – an election bribe to spend over $500,000 in public tax dollars to fund the salary, the health care benefits and a chauffeur in exchange for an endorsement of a political campaign for state Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“If this brazen attempt by Holtz to use our public tax dollars to advance his private political ambitions isn’t already illegal under state law, according to the Wisconsin Election Commission, then it ought to be.”

If this isn’t already illegal, it ought to be.

As reported by numerous media outlets, Lowell Holtz met with another candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, in December 2016 to discuss a scheme to provide significant taxpayer funded compensation to the candidate who agreed to support the other. On the table was a guaranteed job at the Department of Public Instruction for three years at a taxpayer-funded salary of $150,000 per year. In addition to the job, they would have been provided with a chauffeur and full state benefits, a total compensation package likely worth in excess of $500,000.

One Wisconsin Now filed a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission regarding Holtz and others discussions about what appears to be an election bribe.

In addition, One Wisconsin Now has submitted evidence and asked the Milwaukee and Rock County District Attorneys to investigate Holtz for possible violations of state law covering government and its administration after uncovering numerous incidents of Holtz using his school district email, during the workday, to plot campaign related activities.

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