Final Tally In For Gov. Walker’s Cash Grab

Mega-Donors, Special Interests and Wealthy Out-of-Staters Stuff Gov. Walker's Campaign Coffers

MADISON, Wis. — An analysis of campaign finance reports by One Wisconsin Now found Gov. Walker’s record spending in the June 5th recall election was overwhelmingly fueled by large contributions from the wealthy and out-of-state donors.

One Wisconsin Now spokesperson Mike Browne commented, “It’s too bad Gov. Walker isn’t as good at running the state as he is running from one fundraiser to the next, shaking down wealthy campaign donors. If he was, maybe Wisconsin could have kept up with the rest of the country in creating jobs.”

One Wisconsin Now’s analysis of Gov. Walker’s latest campaign finance report found:

  • An unprecedented reliance on out-of-state contributors, 74% ($4.7 million) of the amount of money raised from individuals came from out-of-state;
  • 80% of the individual donations to the campaign came from outside Wisconsin;
  • $375,000 in contributions were collected from 10 individuals giving in excess of the regular, $10,000 legal limit for contributions to a governor;
  • Over $2.3 million was raised from 1,937 donors giving big money contributions in excess of $500 and fully 70% ($4.47 million) was from contributors giving in excess of $100.

Browne commented, “Gov. Walker’s cross-country pandering to ultra-rich, right-wing ideologues and the special interests for campaign cash is simply a disaster for Wisconsin’s middle class and working families.”

He concluded, “While the wealthy and corporations are showered with tax giveaways, the rest of us get stuck with a stagnant economy, falling wages and Gov. Walker’s stubborn refusal to follow the law and implement desperately needed health insurance reforms. Maybe that’s why 80% of the people who gave money to Gov. Walker don’t live in Wisconsin.”

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