Five Things to Remember When Scott Walker Whines About Campaign Fundraising

‘His Whining is Laughable and His Attacks are Intellectually Bankrupt’

MADISON, Wis. — Trailing in the polls and desperate to continue his quarter century political career, Scott Walker is, as he said during an appearance on Republican radio station WISN-AM this morning, “getting back to basics.” Part of his strategy reset means recycling lines about how unions will be opposing him and whining about spending against him.

“Scott Walker has raised and spent more to get elected to state office than any politician in Wisconsin history,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “His whining is laughable and his attacks are intellectually bankrupt.”

Five statistics about Scott Walker’s own fundraising activity provide some perspective on his latest invective:

  1. Scott Walker has been raising campaign cash for over 10,000 days;
  2. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has spent and donated $3.5 million to Scott Walker campaigns;
  3. Since 2009, Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaigns have raised and spent over $100 million. That sum does not include the tens of millions more spent on his behalf by groups like the state big business lobby, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Koch Brother-affiliated groups like the Americans for Prosperity or the Club for Growth Wisconsin, whose activities were subject to criminal investigation;
  4. During the recall election period when he was allowed to accept no limit campaign contributions, Scott Walker raised $7.3 million from 163 mega donors, more than his election opponent raised in total for the entire race;
  5. Since May 1 of this year Scott Walker and his special interest allies have put down $18 million on television advertising.

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