Flip Flop Alert: Will Walker’s Views on Ethanol ‘Evolve’ for Trip to Iowa Ag Summit?

‘This Guy Will Do or Say Anything to Get Elected’

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has consistently opposed ethanol fuel requirements as a state legislator, Milwaukee County Executive and gubernatorial candidate. But in his audition for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination Walker has made well publicized flip flops and panders on issues like immigration, labor rights and abortion. As Gov. Walker travels to Iowa on Saturday to speak at the Iowa Ag Summit the question is, will his views on ethanol ‘evolve’?

“Scott Walker is politics incarnate,” commented One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “Take it from those of us in the Badger state who have seen it firsthand, this guy will do or say anything to get elected. Just because he has a longstanding position on renewable fuel standards won’t stop him from saying whatever he thinks he needs to say now try to win an election. ”

Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa Executive Director commented, “Iowans have a strong interest in ethanol and renewable energy. When candidates come to our state asking for our support, we need to know where they stand. What we’re not interested in is being pandered to or misled by politicians like Scott Walker.”

In various elected positions, Scott Walker has consistently opposed the use of alternative fuels. As a State Representative and as Milwaukee County Executive Walker supported efforts to end the use of reformulated gasoline (RFG) in Southeastern Wisconsin, decrying federal Environmental Protection Agency requirements for RFG as part of pollution reduction efforts. During a short-lived bid for governor in 2006, Walker lashed out at his GOP opponent in declaring he opposed what he called an “ethanol mandate.

Walker’s animus to renewable fuel is not just in his past either. As part of his 2015 budget plan, Walker has called for defunding research to develop renewable fuels being conducted in partnership between the University of Wisconsin and private sector businesses. He has also authored legislation that would have hampered, if not killed, hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in wind energy in Wisconsin.

In advance of his Iowa trip where ethanol will be discussed Walker’s propensity for saying one thing while doing another and the subservience of principle to political expediency in order to advance his own ambitions has come to the fore. In recent weeks Walker has reversed his position on immigration and declared he would, sight unseen, sign legislation further restricting abortion despite running television ads in his 2014 campaign and suggesting in interviews this type of legislation was not part of his agenda.

Sinovic noted, “Scott Walker has a record opposing ethanol that goes back to the 1990s and a disturbing pattern of pandering as a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.”

Ross concluded, “Fair warning to Iowans, take it from our experience, Scott Walker’s commitments have expiration dates, they only last until he’s gotten your vote and moves on to his next political objective.”

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