Fly on the Wall at Rancho Reince

For some reason, offered a lil’€™ nugget in its afternoon summary about noted minority vote suppressor and GOP state party chair Reince Priebus doing a planned closed-door meeting with ‘€œbusiness leaders about their concerns.’€

‘€œIt’€™s closed to the media’€ the Wispo gang reports.

While my first response was ‘€œso?’€ after thinking for a nanosecond, your OWN team of malcontents came up with the following list of things we think Reince will say or ask. Our list, in no particular order:”Is zero percent to low for a corporate tax rate? Or would you prefer zero-point-zero? Well, in theory we could kill SeniorCare and keep the Las Vegas Loophole I mean if we were in charge.”

“I know we’ve hemorrhaged seats in the legislature under my leadership, but I promise this time we can convince the middle class they should pony up for tax cuts on the rich.”

“Four words: Michael Steele – Miracle Maker. Hey, stop laughing.”

“No, I’m not sure which Fitzgerald is more clueless.”

“A whiff of sulfur? When Leah Vukmir passed by you? Really?”

“Wait. I gotta take this call. Yes. Yes, Mr. Limbaugh. I apologize. No I really apologize. Well, no, JB Van Hollen has more ignored the meth problem than the oxycotin problem, so I can’t really score for you.”

“You don’t remember Neumann? Insane rants about abortion? Closer to Newt than either of the Speaker’s three wives? I’ll send you an article about him from 1996.”

“No, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is not financing Scott Walker’s campaign motorcycle tour around the state next month. Milwaukee taxpayers are.”

Well, this is what might be being said. But we won’t know because this critical meeting reported in the media is no media only.

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