Former La Crosse GOP Chair Feehan Charged in Domestic Abuse Incident Declares His Character ‘Speaks For Itself’

MADISON, Wis. — In a Monday newspaper article detailing his arrest and plea agreement with prosecutors in connection with criminal charges for domestic abuse, recent La Crosse County Republican Chair Bill Feehan declared his “character speaks for itself.” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross agreed.

Ross commented, “The police report describing Feehan’s choking of his girlfriend, throwing her to the ground and then behaving in a ‘belligerent and cocky’ fashion when questioned by authorities certainly does speak for his character. And it sure doesn’t say anything good about it.”

According to the newspaper report, based on court records, Feehan was arrested in 2000 after an argument with his then-girlfriend in which he was alleged to have choked her and threw her to the ground. He was charged with battery and disorderly conduct and, as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, pleaded no contest to an ordinance violation.

When questioned about the incident by a reporter, Feehan first alleged he was wrongly accused and then went on to imply that he ought not be considered a domestic abuser, because those guilty of domestic abuse do it repeatedly. Feehan said he was only alleged to have abused a woman once. “Feehan’s behavior, when he was criminally charged in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident involving his then girlfriend, and his recent unrepentant excuses and explanations, are unacceptable. Feehan’s actions, and his despicable response, puts him right up there with the likes of U.S. Rep Todd Akin and his outrageous comments about violence against women,” said Ross.

He concluded, “It is simply ridiculous of Feehan to ask the public to accept his actions because he is only alleged to have beat up his girlfriend once.”

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