Former Scott Walker Deputy Chief of Staff Left Without a Seat For ‘Inner Circle’ Game of Musical Chairs

Meanwhile Close Gov. Walker Confidant, Alleged Target of Secret Investigation Gets Personal Boost From Guv in Bid for Top State Job

MADISON, Wis. — In an interview published in the Wall Street Journal, Gov. Walker’s former Milwaukee County Deputy Chief of Staff, Kelly Rindfleisch, alleges she has been shunned by GOP insiders and unable to find employment after her guilty plea on charges of illegal campaigning. Meanwhile, a close confidant of Gov. Walker, who Rindfliesch alleges was a target of the investigation secret investigation resulting in her criminal charges is the frontrunner for a top level state job with the personal recommendation of Gov. Walker.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Cronyism, corruption and failed economic policies have been the hallmarks of the Walker administration. This all looks like more of the same old song.”

Media reports suggest lobbyist and Walker confidant James Villa is the frontrunner to fill a newly created, appointed Vice-president of University Relations for the University of Wisconsin System. Gov. Walker’s office has confirmed that he provided a personal reference for Villa. If hired, Villa would not be the only member of Gov. Walker’s scandal tainted inner circle to snag a high paying taxpayer funded job.

Brett Davis, Walker’s preferred choice for Lieutenant Governor in 2010 and beneficiary of Rindfleisch’s admitted illegal campaigning on public time, has just recently announced he will be leaving the six-figure state job he has held since the beginning of Gov. Walker’s term. Cynthia Archer, whose home was raided by law enforcement in connection with the first secret criminal investigation of the Walker administration, has held high paying state jobs in the Department of Administration and Department of Children and Families. She continues her state employment at a six-figure salary in a new agency.

“Gov. Walker has shown time and again he has no compunction about doling out top-dollar taxpayer funded salaries to central figures in the investigations of corruption and criminal conduct swirling around him,” said Ross. “One has to wonder what accounts for the reported shoddy treatment of one former staffer while he promotes a reputed target of investigation for a newly created state job.”

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