From Ailes to Yuval: Bradley Foundation’s Latest Prize Awards Reveal Right-Wing Propaganda Campaign at Work

Bradley Foundation Doles Out $250,000 Rewards to Junk Science Purveyor, Head of TV Network That Promotes It, and Politician That Enacts It

MADISON, Wis. — The Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation annually doles out no-strings attached $250,000 “awards” to selected individuals. This year’s recipients include Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, right-wing intellectual and author Yuval Levin, and former Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana and reveal how the Bradley Foundation uses their vast financial resources to advance their right-wing agenda.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “These awards lay bare the formula of the Bradley Foundation to foist a radical right-wing privatization agenda on the country – fund junk science, promote it via complicit media outlets and get it enacted by their favored politicians.”

Yuval Levin is a right-wing author and fellow at the Bradley-funded Ethics and Public Policy Center. Levin’s promotion of economic junk science has been tabbed as the inspiration for the regressive austerity agenda of U.S. Representative and failed Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. In addition to subscribing to Levin’s Bradley underwritten economic views, Ryan has commented that Bradley Foundation head Michael Grebe is his “political godfather”.

Fox News, overseen by Bradley Award recipient Roger Ailes, is widely viewed as a propaganda organ for the Republican Party and aggressively promotes a right wing agenda with pundit centered talk shows and biased news coverage.

Mitch Daniels before becoming Governor of Indiana was the key architect of the failed trickle-down economic policies of the administration of George W. Bush. In Indiana, Daniels enacted measures attacking unions and privatizing roads, economic development programs and public schools.

Ross concluded, “From Ailes to Yuval, the Bradley Foundation deploys its vast wealth to try to create, promote and enact a radical privatization agenda. The million dollars they’re doling out tonight is just the tip of the nefarious iceberg.”

More information on the bigger than the Koch brothers Bradley Foundation’s support of the right-wing infrastructure is available at

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