From the mouths of the Tea Party

It just never ends with these folks. Weve reported time and again whats really behind the Tea Party movement ” the extremism, the hatred, the violent rhetoric, the racism, the intolerance. Now theres a new poll out from the University of Washington that verifies what weve been saying all along.The poll asks several questions of two distinct groups: those who strongly approve of the Tea Party, and those who strongly disapprove. The questions asked things like are African Americans trustworthy? Do they work hard? Are Latinos intelligent? Do you favor laws to protect homosexuals from discrimination at work? Should gays and lesbians be allowed to adopt children? The difference in responses from the two groups are simply staggering.

To sum it up, teabaggers are a pretty intolerant bunch. They think African Americans and Latinos dont work hard, arent trustworthy, and just need to TRY HARDER! They think immigrants TOOK URRR JURBS! And that our LGBT friends should remain permanent second class citizens.

You can get the rest of the poll results here:

And heres something just for fun. Some genius on teh internets put together a great site that takes the words of rabid right-wing squawkers, from the usual talking heads to charlatan evangelists and others, and puts the words in the mouth of Jesus. Its tough to describe here, but definitely worth a clicky-clicky for a good laugh.

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