GAB Proposed Rule Change Would Disenfranchise Legal Voters

The Government Accountability Board is weighing in on a proposed rule change which, according to the non-partisan League of Women Voters, would disenfranchise voters and cause ending chaos at polling places across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin League Executive Director outlined the serious problems with the proposed rule being considered by GAB today. The rule places additional unnecessary burden on people who simply wish to cast their legal ballot and exercise their constitutional right to vote in Wisconsin. Among her critical points:

1. The rule would cause thousands of voters to cast provisional ballots, which ‘€œwill wreak havoc on our system. It could make Wisconsin ‘€˜this year’€™s’€™ Ohio.’€

2. The matching system is unproven and will ‘€œresult in many people disenfranchised.’€

3.Those most likely to be disenfranchised will be people for ‘€œwhom it would be most difficult to get to the clerk’€™s office, that is, the elderly, disabled, low-income and/or minority people.’€

From what I can see, the Government Accountability Board is not required under HAVA to make this change. And there is question as to whether they even have the authority under its rule-making authority.

The League has hit it on the head. This is a terrible idea and hopefully, GAB will not bow to the pressure of partisan Republicans who are trying to throw a wrench into the system and rig the elections.


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