Gableman and Ziegler… Sitting on the SC… Not R-e-c-u-s-i-n-g

Pro-corporate soulmate Supremes Mike Gableman and Annette Ziegler get closer by the day.

The latest revelation, Gableman’€™s going to pull a Ziegler and rule on cases where Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce is involved ‘€“ despite WMC dumping nearly $2 million during his run to get on the high court.

Ziegler earned front page headlines after she provided the deciding vote and wrote the opinion on the WMC-backed Mensha Corp. case ‘€“ costing taxpayers $265 million and making WMC’€™s $2 million investment in Ziegler’€™s ascendency to the top court a worthwhile investment.

Now Gableman tells that he makes distinctions between those special interests which filled his campaign coffers and those special interests which dumped $2 million in smear ads. Sounds like WMC is getting let off the hook on a technicality. And we know how they hate technicalities.

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