Garbage, Rats, Roaches and Plugged Privies

Once again, Scott Walkers desire to score political points with his right-wing teabagger base rather than act as an effective and responsible leader leads to a black eye for Milwaukee County.

A revealing, albeit stomach-turning video at shows overflowing trash bins, plugged toilets and at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Just last month, Walkers county budget called for layoffs of the county workers in charge of housekeeping at the court house in favor of a contract to a private cleaning company, the owner of which just so happened to give Walker $1,000 donation.

As gross as the WISN story is, according to the Reasonable Progressive, rats and roaches are a common occurrence at the courthouse.

But what really stinks [enter rimshot here] is Walker’€™s pattern of corruption ‘€“ check out Cory’€™s post at Eye on Wisconsin for some other examples of Walker playing fast and loose with ethics rules and election law. Capper over at Cognitive Dissidence has more about Walker’€™s failed pledge to ‘€œclean up the courthouse.’€ Even conservative blogger Cindy Kilkenny has joined in the criticism of Walker on her blog ‘€œFairly Conservative.’€

Earlier this year One Wisconsin Now revealed Walker did not report employer information on over $172,000 in campaign contributions.  Now, given the shady details about the housekeeping deal for the courthouse, those gaping holes in Walker’€™s initial report seem more suspicious and part of a larger pattern of unethical behavior on the part of Scott Walker.

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