Gard 2006 Bid Benefited from Cabinet Visit as Part of ‘Unprecedented’ Misuse of Federal Agencies

Spokesman Attacks Oversight Committee After Report Shows Gard Received Possible Taxpayer-Financed Political Trip from Secretary

MILWAUKEE — The campaign of John Gard attacked a Congressional watchdog committee after it released a report showing Gard benefited in late October 2006 from a campaign visit by the former U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary as part of an “unprecedented” misuse of federal agencies to benefit Republican candidates.

Contacted by a reporter, a Gard spokesperson failed to acknowledge any wrong-doing and instead criticized Democrats investigating the misuse of funds.

“John Gard could have apologized or even criticized this alleged misuse of federal tax dollars to benefit his last run for Congress,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Instead, he throws his spokesperson out to go on the attack – no wonder Tom Delay and Karl Rove thought he’d fit right in with them.”

A scathing report issued this week by the House Committee on Oversight and Governmental Reform showed that Gard, along Paul Ryan, former gubernatorial candidate Mark Green and the Republican Party of Wisconsin, was one of scores of Republican candidates and state party committees to benefit from 326 events coordinated by the White House in 2006.

The report concluded that many and possibly all of these trips were financed in some part with taxpayer funds. The extensive document was compiled by the committee which has led the House in investigations of the improper conduct of the Bush Administration and the House of Representatives during the tenure of indicted former leader Tom Delay.

“John Gard is digging in his heels to defend the corrupt misdeeds of the Bush White House, Karl Rove and Tom Delay,” said Ross. “First he supports their bankrupt economic polices and now he supports their bankrupt morals.”

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