Gard joins chorus on false GOP talking points

You have to give the Republicans credit for one thing: They have an echo chamber that won’t quit, even when what they’re echoing rings totally false.

Republicans from Dick Cheney on down have been admitting they were wrong in claiming that China is drilling for oil off the coast of Florida. It’s a false claim that somehow spread like wildfire among conservatives, suggesting it was in some widely-distributed talking points.

But that didn’t stop Wisconsin’s retreaded Congressional candidate, John Gard, from making this claim:

“China, with the permission of the Cuban government, is actually drilling for natural gas and oil on the Outer Continental Shelf within view of the Florida coast,” said Gard. “So, while Steve Kagen’s votes are blocking Americans from accessing this abundant source of oil, the Chinese are tapping a resource that could literally be putting money back into the wallets of hard working families.”

Gard uses it to attack Rep. Steve Kagen, the Dem who beat him two years ago and is likely to beat him worse this time, if this is any indication of the kind of campaign he’s running.


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