Get Schooled About Red Flags on Lifetime Nomination of Mike Brennan to Federal Court

Short Video From One Wisconsin Institute Intern Louise Reveals What Views Brennan Thinks Qualify You to be a Judge

MADISON, Wis. — In a short video posted online, One Wisconsin Institute intern and University of Wisconsin-Madison student Louise schools the nation on one of the reasons why Mike Brennan ought not be given a lifetime appointment to the federal courts. Brennan is Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the “Wisconsin seat” on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Previously, as the head of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s judicial nominating commission, Brennan helped elevate Rebecca Bradley to the state Supreme Court.

According to Louise, that raises a huge red flag. That’s because Brennan believed that Bradley, after expressing in writing, outrageous homophobic and radical right wing views, was still qualified for a judicial appointment.

Bradley published several opinion pieces that revealed her despicable homophobia. She also endorsed the view that women could be considered responsible for their own date rape and equated birth control with murder.

The seat on the 7th Circuit was available for Trump to fill because Republican Sen. Ron Johnson obstructed consideration of previous nominees since 2011. Brennan was chosen despite not being recommended through the traditional bipartisan process used by Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators since the 1970’s and his nomination is being rammed through the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee with an unprecedented partisan power play.

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