Good Day, Sarah. I Said ‘Good Day’

One Wisconsin Now spent much of last summer visiting 10 of Wisconsin’s finest cities to urge Sen. John McCain to reject the failed policies of George W. Bush.

Accompanied by a clown in a cowboy hat with a bullhorn, OWN’s masked McCain would gleefully use a giant rubber stamp to affix his “McSame” approval of every disastrous policy of Bush – from Iraq to tax cuts for the rich to opposing the minimum wage to rejecting health care reform.OWN’s McCain was joined by his goofy sidekick, Dubya, who peppered his mangling of the English language with extremist rhetoric designed to tap into the base emotions of onlookers.

Turns out the real McCain’s choice was much of, well, the McSame.

But where OWN was trying to amuse, Palin chose to incite.

Her race-bating rhetoric, coupled with her near-phobia of completing a speech without lying, changed the tone of the debate — and created ugly, angry crowds.

From the moment she appeared in Cedarburg, the tenor of the crowds we experienced changed. Where earlier the crowds had been laughing off the sight of our dancing Bush and McCain, they became angry, belligerent and confrontational.

To Palin, then-Sen. Obama wasn’t an opponent, he was an enemy. An enemy of the United States, who hated America and freedom as much as he loved terrorists and socialism.

Her post-November career hasn’t changed her tone. If anything she’s become more antagonistic towards fact, and more prone to self-martyrdom. It’s the media’s fault. It’s her political opponents’ fault. It’s the jerks mocking her $150,000 shopping spree on the GOP’s credit card’s fault. It’s the kid who had sex with her daughter in her own house’s fault. And at long last, it’s apparently the Alaska State Constitution’s fault for having her first and only term in office last a full 48 months instead of the 33 months she was only willing to serve.

Alas, she’ll be around, because the old ideas conservatives are selling need cult-of-personality hucksters like Rush, Newt and Cheney to deflect media and public attention from the steaming piles of failure they most assuredly are.

I urge the media to respect Sarah’s wishes and just leave her alone.  

But for Sarah, here’s one for ya, as you leave Juneau and the freedoms and the makin’ America great. With the filter. Outside the box. Maverick. And the troops…

Don’t let the door hitcha where da good lord splitcha.


# # #

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