GOP Intentions Behind Redistricting Shameful

Behind closed doors and behind the backs of Wisconsin residents, the republicans are eager to push their radical agenda concerning redistricting, but in the light of day it is clear to see what the real intentions of the GOP are. The new redistricting proposals, one of which was signed into law by Governor Walker yesterday, provide painfully obvious evidence of the Republican plan to render voting even more difficult for voters who might possibly oppose them.

Under the new redistricting alterations, hundreds of thousands of voters would see their representation in Congress change. In addition, the redistricting changes affect our state representatives, as well. For example, under the changes, State Senator Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prarie) no longer represents the 22nd district of Kenosha which he has long since been a member of. If the changes are permitted, Wirch would live in District 21, which is currently represented by Sen. Van Wanggard, R-Racine.

The changes affect Nancy Nusbaum, a Democrat challenging Sen. Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) in the Aug. 9, 2011, recall election for the 2nd District seat. If the maps become law as proposed, Nusbaum would become a resident of a different senate district — the 30th which is currently held by Democratic Senator Dave Hansen. The new maps cut Nusbaum out of her district by half a block. Senator Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Praire).

Along with Nusbaum, State Rep. Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) is drawn out of his district as well. Under the new maps, Clark is drawn out of his District 14, where he is running against Republican Senator Luther Olsen (R-Ripon). If both Clark and Nusbaum won this summer’s recall elections, they would be able to serve briefly but would be required to move or run in a different district in November 2012.

Not only do these new redistricting changes affect Wisconsin Voters by making the already rapidly changing process of voting more difficult, but it is nothing but a ploy in order to protect the safety of the swing district for Republicans. By changing the districts and who represents them, it makes it possible for GOP leaders to potentially choose who will be voting for them in order to assure a better chance at securing their already tightened control of the State Senate.

Our rights as Wisconsin voters are being thrown to the wayside in order for Governor Walker to continue to completely violate Wisconsin morals and current existing laws in order to further the Republican power grab and radical GOP agenda.

How much longer before Wisconsin transforms from a home we can be proud of to an unrecognizable, greed-fueled state we can no longer recognize?

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