GOP Legislative Committees Revealed

The interwebs reports that income state Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald is circulating memos to his fellow Republicans to solicit their ideas on senate committees for the upcoming legislative session.

Given the promises about job creation made by Republicans across the state as they campaign, Fitzgerald’s announcement that the Jim Crow-inspired Voter ID/Voter Suppression bill would be the first bill tackled in the Senate, One Wisconsin Now is guessing that the senate’s reactionary agenda might also change the chamber’s standing committee structure as well.

So we got out our old Commodore 64 and ran the data. The result: after analyzing the incoming Republicans’ unrealistic promises made, factored against their willingness to favor campaign contributors and filtered through the vengeful nature they’ve shown in the past to punish political “enemies,” here is what the computer spit out as the new potential committee for the upcoming legislative session.

The new committee list in no particular order:

Illinois, North Carolina, California and New York Job Export Committee
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Agenda Committee
BadgerCare Dismantling Committee
Privatizing Public Education Committee
Higher UW Tuition Committee
Tax Unfairness Committee
Union Breaking Committee
Lower Wages for Workers Committee
Prosecuting Women’s Reproductive Health Committee
Ignoring Poverty Committee
Nuke the Environment Committee
Concealed Carry/Shoot on Sight Committee
Las Vegas Loophole Committee
Voter Suppression Committee
Pave Wisconsin Committee

Note: This is a completely scientific experiment, subject to the same peer-review standards regular used by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and the editorial board of the Wisconsin State Journal.

If you feel any of these calculations are in error, please email us at with your suggested committees. Or use the comment tool below to add your thoughts.

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