GOP Redistricting Fiasco Gets Worse

Rush Job to Enact Power Grab Creates Chaos for Untold Thousands of Voters in Upcoming Elections

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on the fiasco caused by the Republicans rush to try and rig election districts in the redistricting process. Since taking power in January, Republicans have systematically attacked voting rights and focused on an extreme, divisive agenda to solidify their political power instead of creating jobs.

“Republicans spent huge sums of taxpayer money for private law firms to concoct new legislative districts in secret. Nearly three hundred thousand voters could be disenfranchised under their gerrymandered political maps. And now we find that when they cut procedural corners to ram their plan through the legislature this summer, they created a chaotic and confusing situation for untold thousands of voters about where they need to go to vote and in what races they can cast their ballot. The federal courts have stepped in to review this latest Republican attack on voting rights. Hopefully these impartial judges will rectify the situation and prevent the Republican power grab from moving forward. At stake is the constitutional right of Wisconsin voters to hold their elected officials accountable.”

One Wisconsin Now has closely monitored the Republicans effort to restrict voting rights for legal Wisconsin voters. More is available here.

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