Gov. Scott Walker Divided Wisconsin in 2011, Five Years Later Wisconsin Uniting in Opposition to His Agenda, Disapproval of Job He’s Done

‘History Will Not be Kind to Scott Walker, Nor Those Who Aided and Abetted Him’

Today marks the five year anniversary of the introduction of one of Gov. Scott Walker’s most notorious attacks on the working people of Wisconsin.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“Five years ago today Scott Walker dropped what he called a ‘bomb’ on Wisconsin, attacking not just public employees, but our shared values of freedom, fairness and respect for hard work.

“And it hasn’t gotten better. He and his administration’s cronyism, corruption and incompetence has stalled our economy, imperiled our public schools, left our college students deeper in debt, undermined environmental protection and trashed clean and open government. Meanwhile, our state finances are a disaster and we remain near the bottom of job creation for midwest states.

“The contempt he displayed for working people in 2011 divided us as never before, but in 2016 people are now uniting in their dissatisfaction with Scott Walker and disapproval of the job he’s done.

“History will not be kind to Scott Walker nor those who aided and abetted him, choosing political expediency over standing up for the working people of Wisconsin.”

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