Gov. Walker Continues Massive Cash Grab

Snags 70% of Campaign Cash From Outside State

MADISON, Wis. — A One Wisconsin Now analysis of Gov. Walker’s most recent campaign finance report reveals he is continuing to rake in high dollar contributions and raise the majority of his funds from out-of-state. Gov. Walker also continues to exploit a loophole allowing him to raise unlimited dollar amount contributions for expenses incurred before the recall election was called on March 30th.

One Wisconsin Now spokesperson Mike Browne commented, “Given Wisconsin’s worst in the nation record on jobs and the cuts to schools and health care to pay for corporate tax breaks under Gov. Walker, it’s really no surprise his ‘divide and conquer’ politics and trickle-down economics are more popular with people who don’t have to live with the results.”

An initial analysis of the Walker campaign filings reveals over $3.3 million, or 70%, of the Governor’s campaign cash in the last month came from out-of-state donors.

In addition, Gov. Walker exploited the recall defense fundraising loophole, raising over $1.7 million in $10,000 plus contribution from 23 individuals in since the recall election date was set in March.

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