Gov. Walker Ditches Wisconsin for Sunny California After Lackluster State of the State Address

Walker Cancels Tour of State He’s Paid to Govern for Political Speech in California

MADISON, Wis. — A terse, one sentence email from Gov. Scott Walker’s office on Tuesday announced, with no explanation, that all events scheduled as part of his “State of the State Tour” were cancelled. According to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross the subsequent revelation that Walker is scheduled to appear with other GOP presidential contenders at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in sunny San Diego on Thursday makes clear what happened.

“Gov. Walker continues giving the people of Wisconsin short shrift as he chases his own political ambition in sunny California this week,” commented Ross. “After a lackluster State of the State in which he barely mustered twenty minutes to talk to the people he’s supposed to serve about their state and his plans, he cancels all his public events to jet off to California to try to woo people he thinks can help get him elected President.”

An email from a state legislative liaison in Walker’s office, obtained by One Wisconsin Now, reads in its entirety:

Dear Members and Local Officials,
The events surrounding the State of the State Tour have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee announcement of the three-day winter meeting declares they will be, “… highlighting the RNC’s efforts to ensure future victories while expanding upon last cycle’s accomplishments as we head into an important presidential election.” Walker will be speaking to the assembled politicos on Thursday. Fellow GOP presidential aspirants Mitt Romney, Ben Carson and Rick Perry have also been announced as speakers at the event.

Ross concluded, “Gov. Walker is showing a disturbing lack of interest in doing the job we pay him to do as he chases his personal political ambitions. If at the drop of a hat he’s willing to cancel public events in Wisconsin to make a speech in California, one shudders to think how he’ll use the $70 billion plus state budget to advance his personal political ambitions.”

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