Gov. Walker: New TV Ad, Same Falsehoods and Failed Policies

Latest Special Interest Funded Campaign Ad Misleads On Walker Failures on Jobs, Education, Health Care and Budget

One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne made the following statement regarding Gov. Scott Walker’s latest special interest funded campaign ad:

“Governor Walker’s new special interest funded TV ad is selling the same falsehoods and failed policies.

The facts are that Gov. Walker’s policies have cost us jobs, hurt public schools, increased taxes on seniors and working families and threaten the health care of 65,000 Wisconsinites, including 29,000 children.

It’s telling that Gov. Walker’s ad can’t cite any sources when he claims to have protected jobs, put more money into classrooms and kept teachers on the job, and balanced the budget without raising taxes.

No amount of campaign advertising repeating demonstrably false claims is going to undo the harm and chaos brought on by Gov. Walker and the Republicans’ disastrous trickle down economic policies and banana republic attitude toward governing.”

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