Gov. Walker to Drop Presidential Bid

Exposed As ‘Career Politician Willing to Do Or Say Anything to Try to Get Elected’

MADISON, Wis. — Media reports indicate Gov. Scott Walker will announce today he is ending his run for the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary after the most recent national polls have found the one-time front runner at 0% support among voters.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“There’s a simple explanation and only one person to blame for his failure: Scott Walker. Scott Walker was exposed on a national stage as a career politician willing to do or say anything to try to get elected.

“Proposing to kick people off their health care, cut workers’ pay and their rights and calling for new wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe garnered him zero percent support in the most recent national polls.

“Perhaps now Scott Walker can meet the 250,000 new jobs promise he made to Wisconsin by putting people to work rebuilding the bridges he’s burned here.

“A terrific start to Scott Walker’s post-presidential candidate schedule would be an apology to the people of Wisconsin for the harm he’s done to our state to advance his own political ambitions.”

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