Government Shutdown Doesn’t Deter Duffy’s D.C. Cash Grab

U.S. Representative Sean Duffy To Attend $1,000 Per Person Dinner Tonight At Special Interest Lobbyists' Home

MADISON, Wis. — While voting to shut down the federal government it appears U.S. Representative Sean Duffy is keeping his campaign’s fundraising operation open for business. On the ninth day of the Tea Party initiated federal government shutdown, Duffy is slated to appear at a $1,000 per person dinner fundraiser at the Washington D.C. home of special interest lobbyists.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “While Representative Duffy has voted to shut the government down on the people he’s supposed to be representing, he’s keeping his hand out and his campaign account open for Washington D.C. special interest lobbyists.”

Rep. Duffy has joined with extremists Tea Party members of Congress to shut down the federal government, voting multiple times against a “clean” continuing resolution to fund government operations.

In a recent poll Duffy’s Wisconsin constituents expressed extreme displeasure with his Washington D.C. antics registering strong disapproval of his job performance, his votes to shut down the federal government and the Tea Party extremists with whom he has allied himself.

“In the real world any reasonable person wouldn’t ask someone for a $1,000 check for not doing their job, but Rep. Sean Duffy is doing just that at his campaign fundraiser tonight in Washington D.C.,” concluded Ross.

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