Governor Scott Walker Needs to Come Clean

Walker needs to answer questions about "what he knew and when he knew it"

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now statement regarding burgeoning Scott Walker political corruption scandal and the reluctance of the Governor to answer questions about “what he knew and when he knew it”:

Gov. Walker needs to come clean.

The latest charges in the scandal surrounding Scott Walker paint a grim picture of a culture of corruption in which public funds were used to support political campaigns and personally enrich his top aides and associates.

To suggest that Walker was blissfully unaware that an alleged full-time, political fundraising operation for his gubernatorial campaign and his preferred Lieutenant Governor candidate was run out of his office suite in Milwaukee County stretches the bounds of credibility.

In fact, documents released along with this Deputy Chief of Staff’s indictment on criminal charges suggest Walker was concerned about the campaign activities in his office, not because it was illegal, but because he was afraid he would get caught.

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