Governor Walker to Big Business Lobby: ‘Thanks a Million’

In State for the Day, Walker Set to Address Special Interests Running TV Ads to Try to Boost His Sagging Political Fortunes

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Walker is in Wisconsin for the day and was scheduled to address a meeting of the state big business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), amid reports they are extending their pro-Walker television ad buy into mid-October. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross wondered whether Gov. Walker would thank the special interests for their latest spending spree to boost his sagging political fortunes.

Ross commented, “There’s no question Gov. Walker has been more than willing to repeatedly sell out the middle class and working families of Wisconsin to benefit the special interests. Will he also be saying  ‘thanks a million’ today for their latest effort to cover up his failures with misleading TV ads?”

WMC’s spending of nearly $1 million in TV ads to date, over one year before Gov. Walker’s November 2014 re-election bid and before he has an announced opponent, reveals a deep concern by the Governor’s special interest allies about his chances in the coming election.

The ads have been rapped for using misleading economic data sourced to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in their attempt to re-write Gov. Walker’s abysmal economic record. Officials with the bank released a public statement saying the way in which the special interest funded ads use their data is not valid.

Ross concluded, “Try as they might, it seems they can’t buy their way to a conclusion other than Gov. Walker has been a miserable failure for the people of Wisconsin.”

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