Green Bay’s City Clerk using post to push right-wing political agenda

Green Bay’€™s Republican City Clerk is using what should be a non-partisan office to push his right-wing political agenda to restrict voting rights.

Chad Weininger, the former deputy chief of staff for ex-Rep. Mark Green (R) who was a staunch advocate for restrictive voter ID laws in Congress and throughout his unsuccessful campaign for governor, is pushing weak evidence of ‘€œvoter fraud’€ in order to claim the state needs to restrict voting by requiring ID at the polls:

— One case involves a patient who’€™s on probation at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute who cast an absentee ballot.

— Another case involves a man who used a local business as his home address when registering to vote.

— A third case involves a man who listed a post office box as his residential address, which isn’t legal on voter registration.

This is not voter fraud ‘€“ this is voter registration error. These people were not casting multiple ballots or engaging in wide-scale fraud. They were just seeking to cast a single ballot for themselves. And isn’€™t that merely what we’€™re granted under the constitution? One man, one vote?

A City Clerk’€™s job should be to ensure that everyone who wants to vote gets access and opportunity to cast a ballot. A clerk’€™s job is not to prevent as many people as he can from casting ballots, which is what a voter ID requirement would do.

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